A commercial & light industial development located along I-25 in Northern Colorado


Area Information and Business Climate

Economic growth, a well-educated work force and access to the finest transportation routes all add up to the fact that Raspberry Hill Business Park is the prime business location.

  • Town services
    Town services

    Raspberry Hill Business Park was annexed into the growing town of Frederick, Colorado. Our amicable working relationship with town leaders has led to mutually beneficial agreements for police, fire protection and other city services.

  • Progressive infrastructure
    Progressive infrastructure

    Site infrastructure is complete, with natural gas being supplied by Xcel Energy, electricity by United Power, water by Central Weld Water, sewer by St. Vrain Sanitation and telecommunications by Qwest and Comcast cable.

  • Favorable business climate
    Favorable business climate

    Colorado’s exceptionally low corporate and personal taxes make working and living here very affordable. The state ranks 44th in per capita state government spending. It also places 18th in combined state and local taxes, with a per capita total that’s 5% below the national average.

    2019 Weld County Demographic Profile

  • Diverse employment base
    Diverse employment base

    Over 3.5 million people call Colorado’s Front Range home. From this diverse employment pool, companies can choose skilled workers for everything from high-tech to agribusiness. Colorado ranked second among all states in college graduates and number one in concentration of high-tech workers. Only four other states can claim higher long-term average job growth and only three have more diverse economies.

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